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I. Перепишите следующие словосочетания и переведите их:

criminal proceedings

to try on indictment

summary offence

breaches of the act

to plead guilty

to put on probation

custodial establishments

the gravity of the offence

to cross-examine witnesses

to presume innocence


II. Предложения перепишите, подчеркните герундий. Предложения переведите:

1. This man was imprisoned for endangering the life of the person.

2. The young man was found guilty of committing a crime.

3. Preventing crime is one of the most important tasks of the militia.

4. The Government has given warning that breaking the anti-trust laws is just like any other crime.

5. The police records showed the prisoner had served three terms of imprisonment for fraudulent acting.

6. The investigator is busy with collecting facts necessary for the trial.

7. A criminal investigation department is primarily responsible for detecting crime.


 III. Предложения перепишите. Подчеркните Participle I (причастие I) или Participle II (причастие II). Укажите их функцию. Предложения переведите:

1. Getting out of the car, he began searching for something on the road (обстоятельство).

2. When noticed the burning building he called the fire department immediately (обстоятельство, определение).

3. The national capital of the USA situated on the Potomac river is Washington D.C. (определение).

4. In certain circumstances judges may be removed from their positions (определение).

5. When having grounds to suspect of an offence the police must caution a person (обстоятельство).

6. Outside London the police are all local forces employed and paid by counties or county boroughs (определение).

7. Having said everything he knew the witness left the box (обстоятельство).


IV. Предложения перепишите, подчеркните независимый причастный оборот. Предложения переведите:

1. A white-collar criminal being differed administratively from other criminals, he is not regarded as real criminal.

2. Fee-splitting being a rather routine event, many doctors split fees.

3. The decision to prosecute being generally delegated to the Chief Crown Prosecutors, some cases are dealt with by the headquarters of the Service.

4. The evidence being collected, the investigator solved the crime.

5. Professor Sutherland called widespread attention to the illegal behavior of persons of high socio-economic status, the name “white-collar crime” being pinned on it.

6. Criminal Law usually takes the form if criminal code, which consists of a general and a special part, the former determining the general principles of criminal responsibility for each crime, the latter defining the types of crimes and punishment.

7. The burglar knowing all the favorite hiding places, he can get into one’s home quite easily.


V. Перепишите предложения и подчеркните сложное дополнение или сложное подлежащее. Предложения переведите:

1. She is said to have committed a suicide.

2. Million dollar burglaries and robberies are known to constitute national sensation.

3. The police expected him to give all the evidence necessary for the trial.

4. Misrepresentation of funds is known to be one of the forms of white-collar criminality.

5. The robber was reported to have been arrested.

6. The witness heard the offender to threaten the victim.

7. Sutherland’s research into the white-collar crime is known to represent an attempt to fill out the picture of criminal activity in the American society.


VI. Перепишите предложения, подчеркните сказуемое. Укажите время и залог, в котором оно стоит. Предложения переведите:

1. The government can be a party to civil disputes (Present Simple + модальный глагол).

2. Criminal laws are defined as punishments for violations (Present Simple + пассивный залог).

3. English law will probably be regarded as the greatest system of law the world has ever known (Future Simple + пассивный залог).

4. They have been charged with that offence (Present Perfect + пассивный залог).

5. This offender was being interrogated for many hours (Present Continuous + пассивный залог).

6. The political system of Great Britain has existed since the 17-th century (Present Perfect).

7. This bill is being debated in Parliament now (Present Continuous + пассивный залог).


VII. Перепишите и письменно переведите текст на русский язык:


Civil cases are usually disputes between or among private citizens, corporations, governments, government agencies, and other organizations. Most often, the party bringing the suit is asking for money damages for some wrong that has been done. For example, a tenant may sue a landlord for failure to fix a leaky roof, or a landlord may sue a tenant for failure to pay rent. People who have been injured may sue a person or a company they feel is responsible for the injury.

The party bringing the suit is called the plaintiff; the party being sued is called the defendant. There may be many plaintiffs or many defendants in the same case.

The plaintiff starts the lawsuit by filing a paper called a complaint, in which the case against the defendant is stated. The next paper filed is usually the answer, in which the defendant disputes what the plaintiff has said in the complaint. The defendant may also feel that there has been a wrong committed by the plaintiff, in which case a counterclaim will be filed along with the answer. It is up to the plaintiff to prove the case against the defendant. In each civil case the judge tells the jury the extent to which the plaintiff must prove the case. This is called the plaintiff's burden of proof, a burden that the plaintiff must meet in order to win. In most civil cases the plaintiff's burden is to prove the case by a preponderance of evidence, that is, that the plaintiff's version of what happened in the case is more probably true than not true.

Jury verdicts do not need to be unanimous in civil cases. Only ten jurors need to agree upon a verdict if there are 12 jurors: five must agree if there are six jurors.


VIII. Ответьте письменно на следующие вопросы и будьте готовы ответить на них устно:

1. What are the steps of the criminal justice in the USA?

2. In what cases may an arrest be made without a warrant?

3. What is a felony?

4. What is the punishment for a misdemeanor?

5. May the suspect be released without being prosecuted? In what cases?

6. What does booking include?

7. Where does booking take place?

8. In what cases are summary trials held?

9. What is the purpose of preliminary hearing?

10. Who files formal charges against defendants?

11. What phases is the investigation usually divided into?

12. Are the three phases necessarily separated in time?

13. What does the identification of the criminal mean?

14. In what way is the identity of the criminal ordinarily discovered?

15. What does primarily the problem lie in if the criminal is unknown?

16. What must be done to prove the guilt of the accused?

17. What are the most important phases of a criminal investigation?

18. Why should an officer keep in mind that any article on the crime scene should be handled with great care?

19. What does the term «chain of evidence» define?

20. What types of evidence do you know?

21. What is physical evidence?

22. In what way is circumstantial evidence different from physical evidence?

23. What is the first responsibility of an officer at a crime scene?

24. What is the aim of preliminary investigation?

25. What is our militia created for?

26. How did the militia work during the history of its existence?

27. What is the aim of militia's activity?

28. What departments is militia composed of?

29. What is the main responsibility of the Criminal Detection Department?

30. What are the duties of the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department?

31. When was Interpol founded?

32. What are the tasks of Interpol?

33. What are the main bodies of Interpol?

34. Where is the General Secretariat located?

35. Whom do we call a white-collar criminal?

36. Who was the first to call public attention to the problem of white-collar crime?

37. What forms of white-collar criminality do you know?

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