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Ответьте письменно на следующие вопросы и будьте готовы ответить на них устно:

1. What are the steps of the criminal justice in the USA?

2. In what cases may an arrest be made without a warrant?

3. What is a felony?

4. What is the punishment for a misdemeanor?

5. May the suspect be released without being prosecuted? In what cases?

6. What does booking include?

7. Where does booking take place?

8. In what cases are summary trials held?

9. What is the purpose of preliminary hearing?

10. Who files formal charges against defendants?

11. What phases is the investigation usually divided into?

12. Are the three phases necessarily separated in time?

13. What does the identification of the criminal mean?

14. In what way is the identity of the criminal ordinarily discovered?

15. What does primarily the problem lie in if the criminal is unknown?

16. What must be done to prove the guilt of the accused?

17. What are the most important phases of a criminal investigation?

18. Why should an officer keep in mind that any article on the crime scene should be handled with great care?

19. What does the term «chain of evidence» define?

20. What types of evidence do you know?

21. What is physical evidence?

22. In what way is circumstantial evidence different from physical evidence?

23. What is the first responsibility of an officer at a crime scene?

24. What is the aim of preliminary investigation?

25. What is our militia created for?

26. How did the militia work during the history of its existence?

27. What is the aim of militia's activity?

28. What departments is militia composed of?

29. What is the main responsibility of the Criminal Detection Department?

30. What are the duties of the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department?

31. When was Interpol founded?

32. What are the tasks of Interpol?

33. What are the main bodies of Interpol?

34. Where is the General Secretariat located?

35. Whom do we call a white-collar criminal?

36. Who was the first to call public attention to the problem of white-collar crime?

37. What forms of white-collar criminality do you know?

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